Coffee Services from M&M Sales

You've been there before...

It’s Monday morning, 8 am. You walk into your office kitchenette to get started with your day only to see a barren bag of your favorite coffee. You want to fall to your knees and cry, but people may judge you. So instead, you wallow back to your desk and have an extremely sad and unproductive day.

Dry those eyes, we’ve got a solution.

Let M&M Sales deliver coffee directly to your office door! We specialize in creating customized break room solutions based on your unique needs. We carry all of the brands you love including Starbucks, Green Mountain, and Seattle’s best. We also provide the machines you’re familiar with, like Keurig, as well as newest breakthroughs in coffee technology like Newco and Flavia. 

We provide over 200 varieties of single-cup coffee and tea products from seven popular providers, top quality equipment, and all the other components needed to create an optimal break room environment.

Intimidated by new machines? Don’t be!

Total machine maintenance is an included service with M&M Sales. A representative will come by your office as often as needed, but our normal rotation is every two weeks. You can call us directly, or fill out our online form to order more or new products! We are happy to help. Contact us today to get started with M&M Sales by receiving an initial needs assessment where we will come to your office, assess your break room, and offer complete solutions tailored for you!