Let us be your cup of Tea

We're don't restrict our services (or love) to coffee drinkers.  At M&M Sales Company, we love a warm cup of tea on a cold day, even if that only happens one month out of the year in south Louisiana. 

M&M Sales Company provides delicious TEAJA Organic Teas to provide healthy, flavorful and long-lasting teas to our customers. TEAJA provides the highest quality organic, loose-leaf teas that were developed specifically for the office workplace environment. Plus, loose-leaf teas are a higher quality product without the cost of industrial processing and packaging, keeping the cost per serving lower than a standard tea bag.

TEAJA's loose-leaf teas are delivered to you in a canister and they last up to 12 months!  Go through one flavor quickly? We all have our favorites.  We can replace each flavor as needed, just give us a buzz. 

TEAJA Flavors

  • TEAJA Breakfast
  • Earl Grey Cream
  • Booya!
  • Morning Sunshine
  • Nana's Blueberry
  • Coconut Pu'erh
  • Vital Chai
  • Powerhouse Peach

How Does it work?

1. Fill your TEAJA bag with your desired amount of loose leaf tea.

2. Close the bag securely by pulling the drawstring.

3. Place the bag in a cup or pot, add hot water, enjoy!

Contact M&M Sales Company today to get started and learn more about TEAJA's delicious loose-leaf teas!